Mod Sun claims Bella Thorne owes him money

Mod Sun claims Bella Thorne owes him money.

The 32-year-old rapper - who split from the 21-year-old actress-and-singer in April - recently claimed he was going to sell her belongings on eBay and though he insisted his comments were a joke, there is still bad blood between them as he claims the 'Famous in Love' star "served paperwork" to stop him speaking about her and suggested there are still unresolved business agreements they need to work through.

He told TMZ: "I thought I made a really funny joke about it, I got served paperwork for that one.

"She blew me up like 30 times that night, I'm in such a confused place. 'Your joke wasn't funny, we think you're serious'.

"I obviously wasn't going to sell her clothes on ebay, that was a joke.

"[The paperwork said] 'You can't talk about anything, you can't say anything.' Stop though, stop that.

"There's money owed to me, there's business not done, there's contracts that are signed. I did a lot for that girl and there's a lot that didn't get solidified business-wise because I was in love... And that's not the case any more.

"It's got to be resolved or it's going to court."

The 'Stoner Girl' hitmaker admitted he worried the break-up would affect his music but he's thrilled with the results of some recent recording sessions.

He added: "When we broke up I was like 'I just lost my muse' am I gonna still make music good? Then I got sober and was really scared, 'Am I gonna be able to do this s**t?' but in the last two weeks I've made the best music of my life."

Mod - whose real name is Derek Smith - previously urged fans to keep an eye on eBay as he'd sell his former lover's possessions on the auction site if she didn't collect them.

When asked whether he still had some of Bella's stuff, he said: "Yeah it's still here it's at the storage unit the Mod Sun storage unit, still currently. I still have it and I figure if she doesn't get it soon I'm gonna have a really, really poppin eBay site so keep your eyes open."

He jokingly added: "It's going like hot cakes, it's going off the lot, it's quick, it's in style right now."

Bella later took to Twitter to slam the rapper for being "hungry" for "press" and accused him of calling the police when she attempted to retrieve her laptop from his house.

She tweeted: "Awww looks like moddy really wants some press. #hungry also didn't u call the cops on me when I wanted my computer? U p***y (sic)"