Modern Family star hits back after co-star's 'trashy' dress is ridiculed online

The cast and crew of Modern Family pulled out all the stops to celebrate the end of their 11 year run.

The show hosted a wrap party at the Sunset Room Hollywood in Los Angeles to bid farewell to the ABC comedy, which will air its series finale in April.

Modern Family star Sarah Hyland has hit back after fans slammed Ariel Winter's dress. Photo: Instagram/Sarah Hyland
Sarah Hyland posted a series of images to her Instagram page of the 'siblings' together. Photo: Instagram/Sarah Hyland

Sarah Hyland took to Instagram to share several photos from the party with heartfelt message about her on-camera siblings, actors Ariel Winter and Nolan Gould.

“I love these people with all my heart,” the actress wrote. “11 years together is proof [that] you and your TV sister will start wearing the same outfit, siblings for life will be made, and you’ll forever fight over the same professor. We’ll always be Dunphy’s and we’ll always have each other.”

While many of Hyland’s followers shared their love for the actors, many directed their attention towards Winter’s attire.

The 22-year-old actress’ sheer black dress became a topic of debate among followers, with some calling the off-the-shoulder mini dress “trashy.”

“Ariel is beautiful but that outfit is more for a strip club or a surprise for the boyfriend,” one critic wrote.

“Come on, girl. Why would you want to dress like that in front of a bunch of people who literally watched you grow into a young woman. It’s weird.”

Sarah Hyland stood up for Ariel Winter online, calling out trolls. Photo: Getty Images

“A little too revealing...I’m sure every 20-something on here loves it but it’s too bikini-like for me,” another wrote. “Lacks class. She’s too pretty to settle for that look.”

The criticism prompted a response from Hyland herself after one follower asked what she was thinking.

“That she’s a sexy and confident woman,” Hyland hit back.

“Everyone that is making a negative comment about my sister can back the f—k up because I will not tolerate it.”

The cast of "Modern Family." Photo: Getty Images

Despite the harsh words, fans the “Modern Family” actresses cheered them on, and thanked them for years of entertainment.

“I’m getting all teary-eyed and emotional right now,” a fan commented. “I’m seriously going to miss this show and this cast. Modern family has been apart of my life for quite a while now and I always watch it with my mom. We’re never not laughing. Thank you guys for bringing us so much joy and laughter with this show and for teaching us so many valuable lessons along the way.”

Words by Elizabeth Di Filippo

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