Moldova is Russia’s testing ground for new influence tactics, says Foreign Ministry


Russia is using Moldova to test its new influence and intervention technologies to apply them in other countries later, Moldova’s Foreign Minister, Moldova’s Foreign Minister, Mihai Popsoi, said in an interview with Moldovan media outlet Digi24.

“The country’s geographical position, as it borders Ukraine, may be one of the reasons for this situation, other reasons can be Russian interests, and some Moldova’s ‘figures’ willingness to betray national interests and citizens for the sake of promoting a foreign agenda," he said.

Moldova remains vulnerable to threats due to its weakness in countering disinformation, and in cyberspace, as well as due to corruption, Popsoi noted.

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"All these factors make us vulnerable, and Russia uses the Republic of Moldova as a hotbed, as a petri dish, to test its influence and intervention technologies, and then, if they prove effective, to use them in other places."

He called on international partners to help counter these threats so that these hybrid warfare tactics will not be spread to other countries.

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