Moldova teams up with US and Romania for JCET-2024 military drills

JCET-2024 military exercises began in Moldova
JCET-2024 military exercises began in Moldova

Moldova's Defense Ministry announced the commencement of the JCET-2024 military exercises with US and Romanian forces starting April 1, the country’s Defense Ministry’s press service reported.

These exercises, set to run through April 19, aim to foster training and experience exchange among special forces and enhance the interoperability of the troops involved.

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The training will encompass a range of activities, including parachute jumps, live-fire exercises during both day and night, and field training on specialized tasks, tailored to various scenarios.

This military collaboration occurs against the backdrop of NATO's extensive Steadfast Defender exercises, which started on January 24 and are expected to extend through spring 2024. These NATO exercises simulate a scenario where a Russian assault on Alliance territory prompts the activation of NATO's Article 5, which mandates mutual assistance among member states, interpreting an attack on one as an attack on all.

Amidst concerns about potential Russian aggression, reports from Bild suggest the possibility of a Russian offensive in Europe by late 2024 or early 2025, during a period perceived as a potential leadership vacuum in the United States, which could hinder timely support to European allies.

NATO is convinced that Russia will launch an attack on an Alliance country, the Financial Times reported. Diplomats believe there is no luxury in assuming that Russia will stop at Ukraine.

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