Video: Moment officers try to save police horse that died at Notting Hill Carnival

The short of it

  • A police horse collapsed and died at the Notting Hill Carnival on Sunday.

  • Sandown, an experienced 14-year-old gelding, fell to the pavement after appearing to look distressed.

  • Police have paid tribute to the animal, saying he was "loved dearly” and would be “sorely missed".

The long of it

A video has emerged of the moment officers tried to save a "much-loved" police horse after it collapsed and died "suddenly" while on patrol in Notting Hill Carnival.

Sandown, a 14-year-old chestnut gelding, fell to the ground at around 9pm on Sunday at the major west London event.

Now video has emerged showing the horse, which stood at 16 hands high, topple over as an officer tries to take control of its reins.

More officers can be seen rushing over to help their colleague as it lies motionless on the floor.

Carnival goers can be seen watching on while police attempt to keep the public at bay.

Despite being provided emergency care at the scene, Sandown died shortly after.

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(Met Police/SWNS)
PH Sandown was named as the horse who collapsed and died at Notting Hill carnival. (Met Police/SWNS)

An eyewitness said: "I was around the horse for half an hour or so before it collapsed and it looked really uncomfortable.

"It was mumbling constantly and the officer was trying to get it to calm down.

"It was horrific to watch, and I've struggled to sleep the last few nights thinking about what happened."

The horse was one of the Met’s most experienced and had policed multiple events across London.

In a tribute, the force said Sandown had joined in 2015, and was going to be missed for his “affectionate character”.

Sandown was said to be so good-natured that he was the “go-to horse” for mounted branch officers who were starting their training, and would usually be found "nuzzling in pockets looking for treats."

A Met Police statement said: "He played an integral role in helping to police London. He was one of the Met’s most experienced horses, with an impeccable seven-year police career.”

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Video shows police officers gathering around the horse to try and help .(SWNS)
Video shows police officers gathering around the horse to try and help .(SWNS)

The tribute added: “PH Sandown was gifted to the Met in 2015 and his good nature quickly won over officers. He was the go-to horse to help new officers grow in confidence as they went through their training.

“A pro at policing all types of events across London, he demonstrated his bravery and courageousness at numerous football fixtures whilst also being selected to perform at the Mounted Activity Ride at Olympia, and the Mounted Musical Ride.”

The statement said the horse was “loved dearly” and would be “sorely missed”.

“Police horses are working animals, but PH Sandown was also an affectionate character who was full of personality. He loved his food and was always nuzzling in pockets looking for treats.

The statement described the death as "sudden" and said a post-mortem examination is under way.

This year's Notting Hill Carnival was marred by several troubling events, including the stabbing of a young man and the sexual assault of two female police officers.