The Most-Googled Thanksgiving Pies And Sides In Every State

Kristen Aiken

Is your state more of a sweet potato or pumpkin pie kind of place? Do your neighbors favor butternut squash or green beans as a side dish on Thanksgiving

Based on data collected over the last three Novembers, Google found the most uniquely searched side dish by state, with favorites ranging from corn casserole to ambrosia salad. Only one state got it right, in our opinion, and it’s the state whose most-searched side dish is garlic mashed potatoes.

On to dessert. Google used data from the week of Thanksgiving 2016 to determine the most-searched Thanksgiving pies by state. The results are dominated by sweet potato, pumpkin and pecan pie, but ONE state was an outlier, with chocolate cream pie topping the list. Can you guess which state it was?

Dig in to the results below with our interactive tool.

Most-Searched Pies By State

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Most-Searched Side Dishes By State

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