Most Men Are Clueless About How To Button A Suit, Says New Survey

Carly Ledbetter

According to a recent survey, most men are stumped by a few common style and grooming rules. 

AskMenrecently surveyed 21,480 men from Sept. 27 to Oct. 18 to figure out what they do and don’t know about topics like fitness, style, grooming, dating and sex. Out of the 208 questions asked in the survey, the male study sample answered 147 questions correctly. 

Turns out one of men’s weakest topic areas was fashion and grooming. The findings revealed that: 

- 65% of men don’t know what the proper tie length should be

- 75% of men don’t know which hair product is right for them

- 76% of men don’t know which button to button on a suit

“I wasn’t surprised to see that most men don’t know the correct tie length or which suit button to do up — unless guys are suiting up for work each day, the art of formal attire etiquette is often seen as an extra step, an afterthought,” AskMen’s style and grooming editor,Kaitlyn McInnis, said in a statement. 

She added, “However, I am curious to understand how 75 percent of guys are still not sure which hair product is right for their hair type and desired style.” 

The proper tie length should fall right around your belt buckle.

For the men out there who are confused about the proper tie length, you’re not alone ― evenPresident Trump wears ties that arefar too long(there’s even a Twitter accountdedicated to it). But according to Whitney Robinson, former style director at Town & Country and the current editor-in-chief of Elle Decor, your tie should fall “to the tip of your pants” (aka the top of your waistband). 

Test out hair products to find the right one for you and your hair. 

“All modern men should have a pomade or a gel on hand — and they should know how to use it,” McInnis said of men who are unsure of what hair products to buy. Check out thesepomadeandgels guidesfor the most recommended products that are currently on the market

Suit button rules are tricky, but  the rules are easy to memorize. 

If you’re wearing a one-button suit, Esquire recommendsbuttoning it while standingand unbuttoning it when you sit. For two-button suits, you should button the top button, but never button the bottom button. And when it comes to three-button suits,we recommendfollowing the “sometimes, always, never” ruleSometimesbutton the top button,alwaysbutton the middle one andneveruse the bottom button.

The more you know! 


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