Most popular names for UK cars revealed, from 'Love Machine' to 'Passion Wagon'

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It seems cars really are a part of the family. (Getty Images) (Catherine Falls Commercial via Getty Images)

More than half (54%) of British drivers have given their car a name, with 'Baby' being the most popular moniker, new research reveals.

Roughly one in 20 vehicles have been given the affectionate nickname, meaning there are nearly two million vehicles named 'Baby' in the UK.

Other popular names for motors include the 'Passion Wagon' (3%) at an estimated 993,000 vehicles, 'Lady' (2%) at up to 662,000 in total and 'Love Machine' (also 2%).

'Princess', 'Herbie' (likely inspired by the 1968 classic Disney movie of the same name), the 'Love Bug', 'Dave', 'Ruby', 'Daisy' and 'Precious' are other top choices.

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Is your car more a 'Love Machine' or a 'Daisy'? (Getty Images) (georgeclerk via Getty Images)

“We love the creativity of the British public but we’re not surprised to see Baby, Lady and Dave make it on the list of the most popular car names, having seen a fair few of these come through our branches over the years," says Richard Evans, head of technical services at webuyanycar, which conducted the research.

Evidently, it makes sense that as many as 38% of drivers admit they just can't help themselves when it comes to giving their motor a name. And in terms of where we get our inspiration from, a fifth go for something that starts with the same letter as the car make, so Baby the Beetle or Princess the Peugeot, for example.

Some 14% of the 1,500 motorists polled even brainstorm name ideas with their kids, letting them have the final say.

While giving a mode of transportation a pet name may sound unique to some, almost a third (32%) of motorists are confident they're not alone in the tradition, aware that many others do the same thing.

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Some would rather take a break in their beloved car than with their family. (Getty Images) (Westend61 via Getty Images)

And helping to explain why vehicles are name-worthy in the first place, more than half (54%) of drivers admit they simply adore their vehicle, with 43% saying it's one of their favourite things in life, and 37% feeling proud of it.

So, it's hardly surprising that three in 10 (31%) confess their car has serious sentimental value. This is to the extent that more than a third (35%) claim to feel an emotional bond with it, and 22% find themselves chatting away to it while on the road. Can you relate?

And much like riding a horse, over a quarter have even muttered "good boy" or "good girl" to thank their car for getting them through a long journey...

But this level of companionship goes even further, with one in 20 (6%) saying there are times when they chat to their car (whether that's 'Baby', 'Passion Wagon' or 'Lady') more than their loved ones, including their partner or mum.

And 19% admit that when they need a break, they'd rather get away from it all by spending time in the car than with their own family...something we heard of all-too-often during the pandemic.

But if you don't already have a name and are keen to christen your vehicle (if you're on-board with the idea, that is), you can try out this new car name generator.

So, what's yours called?

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Most popular names for UK cars

  1. Baby (6%)

  2. The Passion Wagon (3%)

  3. Lady (2%)

  4. Love Machine (2%)

  5. Princess (2%)

  6. Herbie (2%)

  7. Dave (1%)

  8. Ruby (1%)

  9. Daisy (1%)

  10. Precious (1%)