Mother of the bride, 57, shocks with bizarre wedding outfit: 'That is insane'

The outfit has sent the internet in a spin, with some branding it 'tacky' while others said it screamed 'main character syndrome'.

The happy couple and Paulina, the mother of the bride inset.
The mother of the bride surprised everyone with her unique outfit which has caused a sensation online. Source: Instagram

Wedding guests are expected to follow a number of unspoken rules when it comes to attire. It’s rude to wear white — unless the bride has specified you can — and you shouldn’t turn up in jeans or casual clothing, just to name a few.

It should go without saying that it would be wise to also steer clear of see-through dresses and bikinis, but it appears one mother of the bride recently missed this memo. When Taiwanese actress Jin Cheng tied the knot with her wife Sky Niwa, her mum Paulina turned up wearing a baby blue bikini and a completely see-through crystal mesh dress.

The outfit left very little to the imagination, and the 57-year-old certainly attracted a lot of attention.

Mother of the bride in a bikini with a sheer covering (far right) and from left the other mother of the bride and the happy couple.
This mother of the bride definitely drew plenty of attention. Photo: Instagram

According to Paulina, she originally wanted to wear white to the wedding but her daughter asked her not to. Her bikini attire was the compromise, and while it’s definitely not a white dress, many people have slammed her outfit choice on Reddit.

“It’s an inappropriate look for a mother of the bride even if the bride didn’t seem to care. It just says tacky,” one person said.

“Well, originally mum wanted to wear a white dress and was told no, so this is what she showed up in. Main Character Syndrome,” another added.

Mother-of-the-bride with a man (left) and in a photo congratulating the couple wearing white (right).
The mother of the bride had shared a post congratulating the couple ahead of their big day on her Instagram in which she wore a white dress. Source: Instagram

“I would not have allowed her anywhere near my photographer. That is insane,” a third chimed in.

“I really hope that the bride moved as far away as fast as humanly possible, changed her number, and only trusted other people in her family who are sane and stopped telling her mum anything. If she did THIS for her own daughter’s WEDDING, it would be worse when the daughter had kids of her own,” another remarked.


Others admitted that the mother of the bride looked fabulous, even if it was a little inappropriate for the occasion.

“To be fair, if I looked like that at 57 I might also want to run around mostly naked all the time,” one person quipped.

“Ngl [not going to lie] that fit is a total slay but yeah maybe not for a wedding,” another wrote.

Mother of the bride wearing a blue bikini with a mesh dress on top.
The happy couple are still on good terms with Paulina, so they obviously weren't too offended. Source: Instagram

“That’s wild. I can’t imagine, but as long as the happy couple is okay with it, I guess all I can really say is that’s definitely wild,” a third added.

In a pre-wedding photoshoot – a common occurrence with East Asian weddings – Paulina opted to wear a full-length white gown with a beaded detail.


It's almost difficult to tell which woman wearing white is a bride.

However, Paulina and her daughter seem to still be on good terms, so it doesn’t appear that the happy couple were not too fazed by the wedding bikini saga. In the end, that’s all that matters!

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