Motorola warns users of its folding RAZR phone that ‘lumps and bumps are normal’

Rob Waugh

When Samsung unveiled its flagship folding Galaxy phone, users found onscreen lumps and creases - then the gadget was withdrawn from sale. 

So Android fans haven’t been delighted with a section in the pre-order information for Motorola’s RAZR phone which warns “bumps and lumps are normal”.

The information was found in a pre-launch video on the high-end folding Android device, slated for launch in the US on February 14.

Motorola has warned users about 'lumps and bumps' (Motorola)

In one video, Motorola says: “Screen is made to bend; bumps and lumps are normal.”

Motorola’s RAZR phone was an early noughties fashion icon - and the king of flip phones, with worldwide sales of 130 million units.


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The relaunched device is an Android with a folding screen.

Motorola’s videos hint that the screen may be fragile, with one video stating “close phone before putting in pocket or purse”.

Another warns against using screen protectors.

Several companies including Samsung have unveiled phones with folding screens, with Xiaomi unveiling a “double folding” device.

But sales of 90s-style flip phones have also risen in recent years, particularly in the Far East.

The sturdy, cheap devices are being bought almost as a “protest” against the endless alerts from social media apps.

Celebrities such as Jake Gyllenhaal and Kim Kardashian have been pictured with the devices - and one feature described flip phones as “the new vinyl”.

Speaking to the Seattle Times, Roman Cochet, 30, said he’d switched from a smartphone to a cheap flip phone and it had revolutionised his life.

Cochet said: “With a smartphone, you spend so much time texting, talking, in constant communication, that you don’t have time to do anything else.

“I’m way more focused now on what I’m doing. I’m less distracted.”