Mourners urged not to gather at Windsor Long Walk

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Mourners wanting to catch a glimpse of Queen Elizabeth's coffin are now being directed away from Windsor's Long Walk.
The monarch's body is currently being transported by hearse from London to Windsor ahead of a committal service at St George's Chapel in Windsor Castle at 4pm on Monday (19.09.22) and the three-mile procession route from Shaw Farm Gate on Albert Road, through Windsor Great Park, towards the castle has now reached capacity, and members of the public have been asked to gather elsewhere.
A message posted on the Royal Borough of Windsor's Twitter account read: "Windsor is very busy and The Long Walk is now closed as it would not be safe to allow access to any more visitors. If you are just arriving now, you will be re-directed to Home Park Public viewing screen."
Among those who lined the Long Walk before it closed was Tep Crowder, 57, who wanted to see the queen "for the last time",
He told The Guardian newspaper: “The values she held make us who we are. She made us Britain. She gave us a special place in the world. She showed us how to behave.”
Anisha Kothari, 31, came to Windsor in memory of her grandmother, who fled to the UK from Kenya in the early 1970s.
She told the Daily Telegraph newspaper: “It was important for me to be here for lots of reasons. The Queen meant so much to my grandmother because when she fled here from Kenya they felt the Queen welcomed them and made them feel they were part of the nation. I think that’s why the Queen means so much to a lot of minority communities.
“At the end of her life she suffered from dementia and couldn’t remember very much, but when the Queen came on TV she still recognised her, she meant that much to her.
“The Queen is everything we know. She’s the one who has projected the main image of Britain to the outside world. She’s also raised up the Commonwealth to be a really important organisation.
“For me personally, as an NHS worker, she also played a big part during Covid, setting an example by getting vaccinated and urging us all to pull together.”