Mum's hilarious bra mishap is a warning to us all

Allison Yee

If you’ve ever had that dream where you look down and you’re naked, one Aussie mum has lived a version of that in real life – all thanks to an unfortunate bra mishap.

Mount Druitt mum Tara shared her hilarious wardrobe malfunction, which saw her accidentally “releasing the beasts” in front of a poor, unsuspecting sales man.

“Well today was embarrassing. Was at the Optus store, wearing this bra from Kmart. It fit perfect no issues!!” wrote Tara on Facebook.

NSW mum Tara has a word of warning about front fastening bras for busty women. Photo: Facebook

Tara went on to describe how she was talking to the sales man, when she suddenly felt a lot freer than she should have.

“The bloody thing ripped,” wrote Tara. “If it was the bras with the clips at the back, okay not so bad… But the clip at the front? My boobs spring open like they're… free Willy.”

“Never have I been so embarrassed and he just laughed while I'm walking out red-faced. 

The aftermath after Tara's boobs burst free. Photo: Facebook

“Not buying bras with clips at the front again.”

Tara’s post clearly struck a chord with other women, earning over 2000 reactions.

“Haven't worn front clip bras since I was an early pre teen,” commented one. “Definitely a busty problem... I bet you made the guys day [with your] exploding boobs.”

“As a big busted girl, unless you have a damn chastity bra on they always pop out to say HELLO how you doing!!!” added another.

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