Mum 'roasted' online after missing daughter's awards show to go to the gym

Sarah Carty

A mum has hit back after being shamed online for choosing to go to the gym instead of attend her daughter’s awards show.

Florida mum Kristen Hewitt posted a selfie from her car, explaining why she decided to take a day for herself while her eight-year-old daughter went to school.

“So, I did something that some may think is selfish recently, but I really needed it,” the post started.

A mum has been slammed online for going to the gym over attending her daughter's awards show. Photo: Facebook

“I missed my daughter’s honor roll assembly so I could work out.

“I started to feel the guilt creep in as I made this tough decision, but then I remembered ME, and how hard Thanksgiving and the week that followed was with my husband traveling.”

The mum said she reminded herself of having to deal with “never-ending tantrums” and “how hard it was to feel 100’s of hot flashes as I am transitioning to a new healing protocol”.

“How hard it was to manage my anxiety, the house, the kids, the pets, and work,” she said.

“And how hard it’s been to not have one single minute to myself.”

Kristen went on to say that she sat her daughter down and explained to her how proud she was of her but that she needed to “take care” of herself.

“She also had her father and grandmother attending in my place,” Kristen said.

“Guess what. She understood, gave me a hug, and thanked me for all I “do for her. She also learned by example today that SELF-CARE matters.”

The TV presenter said she needed some time for herself. Photo: Facebook

“Sometimes as parents we have to make hard decisions and show up for ourselves instead of showing up for our kids. And you know what?

“It’s not selfish - it’s called self-love.”

However, some people were outraged with Kristen for choosing to work out over sharing memories with her daughter.

“I see where you’re coming from and I respect your stance. However, I feel those important moments aren’t often and I would get more personal satisfaction from seeing my child receive an award for honorary roll,” one person said.

“OK so why couldn't you go to your Childs honour roll assembly, (which I'm sure the child work hard for)and then spend the rest of the day on yourself going to the gym is an all day option. Sorry you could have been the proud parent at the assembly and spent the rest of the day on yourself,” another person said.

Kristen took to Facebook again to say she stands by her decision even though she was “roasted” online for it.

“It's been a bit of a roller coaster ride today,” she wrote.

“Not everyone was pleased that I chose to do something for myself instead of attending my daughter's assembly (although her dad and grandmother were there), so I was roasted on the Internet.

“But I still stand by my decision, and won't stop sharing the importance of self-care.”

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