Mum blasted for telling son how often she has sex

Allison Yee

Teaching kids about sex is always a tricky time, but one mum has sparked a fiery debate over how much information is too much after telling her teen son about her love life.

The mum took to online forum Mumsnet after a conversation with her 12-year-son saw him ask how often she and his dad had sex.

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After checking if he really wanted to know, the mum answered “once or twice a week I guess” only to have her mortified son reply “Oh. Now NEVER say that again.”

“Even though I tried to seem calm and cool, it felt just really odd. Maybe because I was taken by surprise,” the mum revealed.

One mum has copped parenting flak for how she handled a sex talk with her son. Photo: Getty

“I am a very modest person and never talk about sex with friends at all, but [my son] has far fewer inhibitions and often mentions things I find embarrassing. I would never in a million years have asked that question of my mother!”

Sparking hundreds of replies to her dilemma, some blasted the mum for not putting more boundaries in place with her son.

The mystery mum shared her sex advice dilemma online - and kickstarted a parenting debate. Photo:

“I think you should have used the opportunity to teach him about boundaries!” wrote one. “I would definitely have told him to mind his own! It's an inappropriate question.”

“Hugely inappropriate of BOTH of you,” was the opinion of another commenter. “Does he have any sense of appropriate boundaries with other people? Why was your knee jerk reaction to be honest rather than shut the question down?”

With the mum later adding she regretted her answer and was caught off guard, others have sympathised with her awkward situation.

Needless to say, the woman's son didn't appreciate what his mum had to say. Photo: Getty

“I know when I was learning about sex I wondered a lot about things like this and how much people were having sex,” said one. “I'd say it's a credit to you that he feels comfortable to ask you the question, even if he didn't like the answer!”

“Did you ask him why he wanted to know?” asked another. “That is a very personal question and to be honest I would've probably told him it was none of his business. But there was obviously a reason he asked.”

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