Mum catches 'feral' rat biting sleeping son's face: 'Covered in blood'

A mum has detailed the traumatising moment she discovered her toddler had been bitten by a “feral” rat while asleep in his bed.

The woman, who didn’t want to be identified, said she feeding her newborn baby at her Liverpool, UK, home when the horrifying incident occurred.

“It was like something from a nightmare or a horror movie, I am still traumatised by it all,” she told the Liverpool Echo.

The toddler's injuries from the rat and blood on his pillow.
The toddler was asleep in his bed when he was attacked by a rat. Source: Liverpool Echo

“I heard my two-year-old son crying from his bed and when I walked in he was covered in blood.

“I fell to my knees in shock, I had no idea what had happened until I saw the rat run past me.”

The mum said her four-year-old child also “saw it all” and has since been having nightmares ever since.

Photos show multiple scratches on the two-year-old’s swollen red cheek and his blood-soaked pillow.

The boy was rushed to hospital, where doctors noted he had “multiple rat bites for [a] feral rat]” and referred the family to a plastic surgeon.

The toddler has been cleared of any diseases and did not require surgery.

Mum warns others after rat attack

The mum said she spoke out about the incident to warn other parents of a potential rat problem in parts of the city.

She has also moved her and her children out of the home.

“Since the attack we have heard other rats running around, we can't live there,” she told the Echo.

With the intention of preventing another family from going through the same thing, the woman has contacted her local Member of Parliament Dan Carden, who contacted the city council.

Mr Carden, who visited with the family, described their home as “clean” and “pleasant”, but said “the area is blighted by vermin”.

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