Mum gets revenge on arrogant man over parking space

Sarah Carty

We’ve all come across an infuriating driver who snaps up a parking space we had our eyes on or worse still, uses a designated space.

And now one mum has got her own back on a ‘boy racer' who parked his car in a parent and baby space, by leaving a small gift on his windscreen we’re sure he won’t forget for a long time.

Mum-of-twins Alex, who is also the blogger behind the ‘Make Mine A Double’ blog, was trying to get her kids into the car after spending the day at a supermarket, when the incident happened.

“An oversized, too old to be a boy racer, pulled into the PARENT AND BABY space next to me as if it was a F1 Pitt stop,” she wrote on her Facebook page, beside an image of her adorable boys sitting in the boot of her car.

A mum has posted about the infuriating moment a 'boy racer' took a parent and baby parking space outside a supermarket. Photo: Getty Images

She said she “politely” gave him a smile and told him that he was actually parked in a parent and baby space, just in case he hadn’t noticed.

He replied with a simple “so”, which infuriated the “tired” mum.

That’s when things just got worse, with Alex pointing out that it’s extremely hard for mothers to try and wrangle a double trolley into a tiny space while dealing with two toddlers.

"Not my problem love,” he replied, after which Alex asked him if he could move to a different space as there were no parent and baby ones left.

"There will be when you leave, now f**k off you fat b***h,” he said.

Needless to say, Alex was furious and saw red.

“I've not slept for 3 weeks. (I'm entering the irrational stage where I start writing here again to cope with life) what I really wanted to say to him was that I've been on a sodding diet for the last 10 days and nearly lost half a stone,” she wrote.

“Don't you DARE call me a fat bitch! I'm a bloody starving, knackered mother of exhausting twins and you've just pushed me over the limit of was what my last iota of politeness.

She shared this image of her son's sitting in the boot of her car. Photo:

“I would punch you in your fat spotty throat but I've been eating sodding mixed leaves all week so I haven't the energy! Just move your twatmobile and be a slightly better human just for a hour today.” 

While she didn’t end up saying any of that, she did get her own back in the best way possible.

“As I turned to the boys in the car there was an overwhelming smell. My heart sank. Then I decided to get even,” she wrote.

“I used my bad nappy for good. A little justice for all knackered parents who have been f****d over with similar twatty McTwat faces' abusing these parking spaces and have had similar experiences. 

“Yes that's right.... I did it!! I stuck my dirty nappy to his windscreen, securing it with his windscreen wiper.”

Alex said she felt instant satisfaction and another mother walking by said “that’s genius” as she walked by with a smile on her face.

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