Mum makes very rude mistake in text to daughter

Team Be

Speaking a language your millennial children can relate to can be seriously tricky business. And in this case, a mum’s attempt to keep up with her daughter’s lingo has ended in a very rude misunderstanding.

Boston-based 23-year-old Grace took to Twitter this week to post a hilarious text message conversation with her mum.

In it, her mum warns her to “be careful when you leave in the morning it’s a*s eating season!!!”

It’s clear from Grace’s screenshot that her mum hasn’t understood that “a*s eating” isn’t a fun slang word, but a sex act.

“There’s frost on the deck! Slippery!!!! You’ll fall and eat a*s”, the mum tries to explain.

Instead of describing what the term actually means, Grace just advised her mum not to ever use it again (or Google it), and asked Twitter, “who did this to my innocent mother!!!”

The reactions were pretty priceless:

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