Mum of seven gets mistaken for 20-year-old daughter after transformation

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Despite having given birth to seven children, this incredible mum is being mistaken for her daughter after transforming her lifestyle over the past six months.

When 43-year-old nurse, Jessica Enslow, from Utah, USA gave birth to her first child, Alyssa, now 23, she was shocked by how much weight she gained.

She began using fitness DVDs to try and get back into shape between her successive pregnancies, but it wasn’t until she gave birth to her seventh child in 2013 that she started her own fitness account on Instagram and became invested in weight training.

Post-pregnancy, Jessica weighed 61kg and is now a super lean 52kg. Pictures of her training with Alyssa show how the pair look just like sisters of a similar age, rather than a mum and daughter with twenty years between them.

This is her six-month transformation. Photo: Australscope

“I was shocked at the amount of fat I had gained with my first pregnancy,” Jessica said, “I remember coming home from the hospital expecting to jump right into my pre-pregnancy jeans, but couldn’t get them any higher than mid-thigh.”

“After the second one, I kind of knew what to expect, so I wasn’t as surprised or depressed. I knew I would just have to put in the work.”

Jessica started becoming more into fitness after her seventh baby and decided to create her own Instagram account.

“I started with a couple programs I found on Instagram, Alexa Jean and Kayla Itsines, but I began adding weight training to help shape my physique more. After losing some progress
last winter, I decided to hire a fitness coach for four months,” she said.

“It was pretty intense, but my body changed pretty drastically in just a few months. For the past four months I’ve only been working out two-three days a week, and have been eating

“Understanding how to count macros has really helped me with maintaining my physique because I know general portion sizes and what type of foods will best nourish my body for
maintaining my physique.

She's a mum of seven and now gets mistaken for her eldest daughter's sister. Photo: Australscope

She now believes that consistency is key, and sticking to a diet where she gets enough protein for muscle growth and maintenance has been fundamental.

Despite having a figure that most people would die for, Jessica says that she still sees some flaws when she looks in the mirror. Her advice to other mums is to start by making small
changes and then add more once they start to see results.

Jessica has been inspiring her 64.3K Instagram followers under the handle @jessicaenslow.

“I still see flaws, but I love having balance with my family and other interests rather than spending hours at the gym to have a perfectly chiselled body and having no energy for
anything else,” she added.

“I would say just start somewhere. It could be making positive changes in your diet or committing to a certain amount of exercise and sticking to it.

“Usually, when you see results, it becomes a motivator and once you get used to mastering one or two changes, it’s easier to add more elements. Also, following people you admire on
social media can be very motivating and help with giving ideas and tips to help you in your fitness journey.”

She wisely added: “Happiness cannot depend upon your physical appearance, so making sure to nourish yourself emotionally and spiritually is just as important, if not more important.”

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