Mum's 'gross' video reveals unexpectedly filthy household item

Penny Burfitt
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A surprising area of the house is a sponge for filth. Photo: Getty Images

A mum has shared a video proving that the dirtiest parts of our home are often lurking right beneath our noses.

A video of water black with grime being poured down the sink could easily be mistaken for water used to mop a dirty garage or putrid bathroom, but what it really is has left social media shocked.

Shared to a mum’s cleaning page the video actually shows water used to clean one arm of an indoor couch, and two dining seat chairs and it is scary stuff.

Stills from the video show the murky brown water pulled from one couch arm. Photo: Facebook

While we whittle away time mopping floors, cleaning windows and vacuuming, it is in fact the furniture we use daily that is the most in need of our attention.

The mum shared the ‘miracle’ product that got the dirt out, and now swarms of other homemakers are clamouring to get their hands on one.

The item in question is the Bissell Spot Clean Refresh Carpet Cleaner, a portable device which can evidently be repurposed to tackle dirty furniture.

The Bissell Spot Clean Refresh Carpet Cleaner retails for $199. Photo: The Good Guys

Horrified onlookers took to the video’s comments to share their reactions.

“Isn’t it gross? When I did about 1 square metre inside my front door I was nearly sick when I saw the water!” one mum sympathised.

“Omg I’m thinking I need to go buy myself one,” another agreed.

“How satisfying,” another agreed.

Others shared their own satisfying, but unsightly water from cleaning everyday objects.

Prams, car seats, even mattresses were among people’s top pics for the surprisingly filthy and the photos are enough to send the hardiest cleaner running for a spot cleaner asap.

The water collected after cleaning everyday furniture is at once unsightly, and strangely satisfying. Photo: Facebook

The confronting images are a reminder that dirt often lurks in the open, and that once in a while a deep clean is an absolute must.

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