Murder of 8-Year-Old Boy Shocks Spain

Thatiana Diaz
Body of Spain's Missing 8-Year-Old Boy Found in Car

The death of 8-year-old Gabriel Cruz, who had been missing for two weeks, sparked outrage in Spain after reports surfaced that his alleged murderer is the girlfriend of the victim’s father.

The boy disappeared on Feb. 27 after leaving his grandmother’s house. News of the disappearance went viral in Spain after a missing-person’s alert was sent out and a search party involving more than 4,000 law enforcement individuals and volunteers mobilized, as reported by BBC News. The boy’s body was found on March 11.

What was then reported left the nation in shock. When Spain’s Civil Guard pulled over Ana Julia Quezada, the girlfriend of Gabriel Cruz’s father, the victim’s lifeless body was found in the trunk of the car, as announced by Juan Ignacio Zoido, the Minister of the Interior and Deputy for Seville, Spain. Investigators believe that Quezada was acting alone, but the motive for the alleged killing has not yet been determined. OK Diario has reported that suspicions of Quezada mounted after she claimed to find the boy’s white T-shirt during a walk. Police are also reexamining a case involving the death of the suspect’s daughter, which dates back 22 years to when her 4-year-old child supposedly fell out of a window.

In response to updates of this tragedy, many people in Spain are expressing their anger with rallies outside the Civil Guard station in Almeria and also on social media. One tweet read, “JUSTICE FOR Gabriel Cruz. That the weight of the law falls entirely on the murderer without any privileges and that her stay in prison is hell.”

The young victim’s mother, Patricia Ramírez, is asking all supporters to end their movement of hatred as she feels that the suspect “does not deserve to be given attention nor does she deserve for people to be talking about her,” as she said to Onda Cero radio network. Ramírez also let the public know that her ex-husband is also a victim and is suffering, telling another radio network: “He is a wonderful person, no one should have any doubts about him. It’s very difficult to digest the loss of a child knowing that the person that you love has killed them.”