MKR's Valerie and Courtney’s bust-up

Abi Moustafa

Things heated up in the kitchen between favourites Valerie and Courtney during Wednesday night's episode of My Kitchen Rules.

The second quarter final saw the remaining seven teams partaking in two rounds, the first being a test of your inventiveness.

“We want you to take one type of meat and create three different dishes served on one plate,” instructed Manu.

The girls were in for a drama-filled night. Photo: Channel 7.

Sounds easy enough right? But there’s a catch, only two teams are allowed to cook the same cut of meat.

As a result, the Queensland-based mother and daughter choose to cook lamb.

On the menu the girls included: Lamb Masala with clove rice, shish kebab with paratha and mint chutney and mulligatawny soup.

But as soon as the girls got into the kitchen, they appeared stressed as Valerie reminded her daughter of the 90-minute deadline they have. “We’ve really got to motor through, Courtney!” said Valerie.

"This is like an Indian Salsa, it’s really going to freshen up this curry, a lot of work goes in to this dish, there’s grilling, there’s slicing, and balancing those flavours. It’s really taken me a long time to do it, ” Courtney admits as she tosses the salsa and her mother whizzes past her.

But before we know it, Courtney’s salsa mix has fallen on the ground due to her mother’s rushing ways.

Courtney's salsa is forced onto the floor. Photo: Channel 7.

“Mummmmm!” screeched Courtney as her mum apologised for her clumsiness.

But the awkwardness didn't stop there. The girls reached breaking point just minutes before they plated up as Valerie found herself frazzled.

The girls managed to plate up their three lamb-based meals, however the mint sauce was left behind as the time was up on the clock.

"I told you to hurry up, what are you doing?” asked Courtney.

Courtney can't help but vent her frustrations towards her mother. Photo: Channel 7.

“All I wanted to do was get it all on the plate. The mint chutney is sitting in a bowl all on it’s own right next to our dish.”

The three-meat dish that caused the chaos between family members. Photo: Channel 7.

“At this point you need to be focused on all these things and I was doing it all on my own.”

Regardless, the girls waited nervously as the judges gave them their feedback.

“What I really really really enjoyed on your plate was that lamb curry. That was unbelievable!” said Manu.

But he went on to discuss he elephant in the room by discussing the shish kebabs which were served without a sauce. “With something like this you really need a sauce.”

Pete backed the girls up though, after being impressed with the delicious Indian-inspired soup. “Your soup, Mulligatawny, with lamb skewers… WOW," said Pete.

Manu and Pete taste the meal that rocked the mum and daughter. Photo: Channel 7.

Despite the drama, the mother and daughter avoid the sudden death round and we found Karen and Ros and Tim and Kyle unsafe.

As a result, the meat-loving-boys faced their fears after being set a dessert challenge.

“The D word mate, we don’t like dessert,” said Tim, while Kyle rebutted, “We don’t eat dessert!”

Surprisingly, the boys went on to win the round against the girls after creating three unique mousses.

Tim and Kyle narrowly escape an elimination thanks to their desserts! Photo: Channel 7.

So we bid farewell to the midwives from the competition.

Karen and Ros were proud of their efforts over the course of the competition. Photo: Channel 7.

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