Mystery over blob found at Queensland beach – do you know what it is?

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You’d better watch your step!

A Queensland woman has photographed an unusual find washed up on a beach along the state’s Capricorn Coast.

But no one knows what it is. She asked a friend to post it to Facebook hoping to get it identified, adding it was found at Kemp Beach in Yeppoon.

The woman said the creature "looked like a jellyfish".

A blob which looks like a jellyfish seen on Kemp Beach in Yeppoon
This was found washed up on Kemp Beach in Yeppoon. Source: Facebook/ Charlene Mae

On Facebook, people shared their thoughts on what it could be.

One woman questioned if it was a sea hare.

“These look like squid or octopus eggs?” another woman wrote.

Another asked if it was the liver of a whale.

So, what exactly is it?

Yahoo News Australia hit up Associate Professor Ian Tibbetts from UQ’s School of Biological Sciences.

He believes it could be the bulb or top of a jellyfish – a cyanea to be precise.

The species is mostly found in Pacific waters like those off Australia’s east coast.

Professor Culum Brown from the Department of Biological Sciences at Macquarie University added it could possibly be a Lion’s mane jellyfish although it was difficult to tell with just the bell left behind.

Lion’s mane jellyfish are also known as giant jellyfish due to their size.

They sting too but are not known to be fatal. A sting from one can cause some redness which can be treated with vinegar.

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