Nahan wants WA drag racing age increased

Angie Raphael
There are calls for age limits on drag racing in WA after the death of eight-year-old Anita Board

WA Opposition Leader Mike Nahan says the drag racing age limit should be increased following the death of an eight-year-old girl.

Anita Board lost control of her vehicle and smashed into a cement barrier at the end of her solo run at PerthMotorplex during the Goldenstates Junior Dragster event on Saturday.

She died in Princess Margaret Hospital for Children on Sunday.

Dr Nahan said he was shocked a child could drive such a fast vehicle.

"They're very violent ... I'm not into the sport at all, I don't know what the regulations are," he told told reporters on Tuesday.

"I would think you would put an age limit on that. Exactly what it would be, I can't say."

The state government on Monday announced it was suspending junior competition drag racing pending an investigation into Anita's death but her father Ian does not want major changes to the sport.