Naked and Afraid Survivalists Go Head to Head with A 'Huge' Caiman

Steve Helling

Here’s the thing about the jungle: everything there wants to kill you.

Unless you’ve actually been on Naked and Afraid, you can’t possibly know the terror that comes with wildlife encounters — especially when you’re not wearing a stitch of clothing. Each week on the long-running show, the survivalists encounter dangerous wildlife that want to eat them. (In one memorable episode of season 2 of Naked and Afraid XL, three survivalists come face to face with hungry lions. One of the participants quit on the spot.)

Past survivalists have dealt with horrible weather and flesh-eating bacteria, while one contestant was even stung by a yellow jacket in the most unfortunate of areas.

On Sunday’s new episode, two new participants are wading through the caiman-infested waters of Panama. (A caiman is a cousin to both the alligator and the crocodile. We don’t know the exact biological differences, but they have the same jaws and teeth.)

“I’ve never hunted before,” Bianca says to the camera. (This will end well.) Immediately afterwards, her partner, Max, points out a huge caiman. Some sort of fracas ensues, and Bianca calls out to her partner for help.

It’s yet another reminder that Naked and Afraid is among the most real reality shows out there. Half the time, contestants are left alone with handheld cameras. Even when a cameraman is around, he is instructed not to interact with the participants under any circumstances — even if an animal is attacking.

Bianca and Max were doing a 14-day superfan challenge of Naked and Afraid. Before heading to Panama, they underwent intensive survival training — but the instructors probably didn’t tell them what to do if they find themselves in waist-deep water with caiman.

We’re going to assume that Bianca doesn’t get eaten by a caiman — although if she does, the show will likely air the whole thing. We’ve seen animal attacks and gruesome injuries before on the show.

The newest episode of Naked and Afraid airs Sunday at 10 p.m. EST on Discovery Channel. Watch a preview in the exclusive clip above.