'Naked and Afraid' Teases New Episodes with Plenty of Tears but — as Always — No Clothes (Exclusive)

'Naked and Afraid' returns to the Discovery Channel on Oct. 15

The new season of Naked and Afraid is back with all-new, all-nude cast members!

Fans of the hit Discovery Channel series are in for a treat as back-to-back fan challenges will take ordinary people with minimal outdoor experience from the comfort of their couches to sweltering, bug-infested wilderness.

“I am so excited to get naked!” a contestant begins in a sneak peak shared exclusively with PEOPLE.

“Freedom!” she yells as she steps outside of a Jeep and into the outdoors while removing her clothes. “Ah, there's nothing like feeling the earth beneath you as you walk.”

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Not much later, though, the naked woman is singing a different tune and begins to whimper while walking in the wilderness without shoes on the rugged and hot terrain.

“Ow, there’s nowhere to stop,” she sobs while sitting her bare bottom on dusty rocks that she finds along her trek.

With nothing but a satchel around her neck, she continues to cry about her new home.

The clip cuts to a compilation of videos showing others who signed up to be Naked and Afraid using their wit to survive the elements, from a woman chopping at a tree and a man attempting to fish to another participant crying.

“It's just the most painful experience,” says one woman with leaves and other debris stuck in her hair to a camera in night-vision mode.



Challenges will vary from 14 to 21 days, — and they are just as grueling and raw as ever, according to a Discovery press release.

Joining the Naked and Afraid family will be a circus performer, inexperienced city folk and even a previous contestant who is seeking redemption after poisoning the waters in her last challenge. They must all face the dangers of Mother Nature in hopes of surviving.

The familiar face that will be joining the upcoming season is none other than Ashley Morin, a contestant who appeared in seasons 12 and 15, but her time on Naked and Afraid in 2021 takes the cake.

Morin may be remembered most as the woman who sharted.

In the infamous episode, she and contestant Matthew Garland were sitting in the wild when Morin’s bottom let out an unsettling sound.

"The fish are making me fart,” she said with a nervous laugh as Garland’s facial expression looked completely mortified.

The flatulence continued before Morin confessed, "We have a problem."

After the "wet and juicy" shocker was revealed, she and Garland spent the next several minutes arguing over how she’d contaminated their only water source.

“My No. 1 fear is being taken out by circumstances beyond my control. I don’t wanna be medically tapped ‘cause [of] somebody’s else’s poor decisions,” Garland said to his camera. 



This season, Morin is looking to redeem herself with a new partner, ship captain Andy Wildlander, and she's hoping not to poison the waters once again.

Other contestants include an ICU trauma nurse and a banker who suffered brain damage in a devastating car accident who will try to survive for 14 days in the Mexican wilderness, and one man and three women who form a tribe and try to make it to 21 days.



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Naked and Afraid returns Oct. 15 on the Discovery Channel.

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