Naked blogger has Instagram account reopened

Kristine Tarbert

Nude blogger Jessa O’Brien has celebrated ‘a huge win for body positivity’ with the reactivation of her Instagram account.

It was shut down without warning earlier this month for breaching the organisation’s nudity policy.

The 28-year-old shared her excitement in a blog post, which she used to call out the social media giant.

Posting a nude photo she held a placard that reads: ‘F*ck you Instagram’.

Nude blogger Jessa O'Brien has Instagram reopened. Photo: Instagram

The deactivation of her account caused a huge uproar and she thanked her followers for their support.

“To those of you who have stood united with me... believed in me... who didn't just sit back on the issue... who fought for something bigger... THANK YOU,” she wrote.

“The deactivation actually proved to be one of the best things to happen for my message about body-positivity. It's been a whirlwind.”

It was deactivated without warning earlier this month. Photo: Instagram

Before being blocked the page had accumulated over 44,000 followers since launching in October 2016.

She was devastated when the account was shut down, telling 9News it takes “a lot of time, energy and effort to build something like this”.

The blocking caused an uproar among her followers. Photo: Instagram

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“I think this has gone to expose the double standards that are exacerbated on social media. You've got sexually-explicit photos appearing, and then you have mine, which are mostly out in nature and are not explicit in any way,” she said.

She says it's a huge win for body positivity. Photo: Instagram

It’s unclear who had the account reinstated she is just grateful it happened.

“You've just helped to show the world that body-positivity and non-sexual nudity are ok. So yes, thank you too Instagram,” she wrote.

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