Nationwide customers face salary payment delays - as HSBC, Barclays and Virgin Money users hit by banking glitches

Nationwide, HSBC, Barclays and Virgin Money customers have been affected by problems with banking services, leaving some unable to send and receive money.

The issues could affect those on what is commonly pay day for many across the country, with some reporting they have not received their salary.

HSBC UK said there had been a "separate payments issue affecting multiple banks", and Nationwide blamed a "third-party payments issue".

Barclays also alerted customers, while Virgin Money said access to its app has been fully restored after issues in the morning - but there is a backlog of payments to process.

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The Financial Conduct Authority said it was monitoring the situation and it is understood the Bank of England is engaging with the banks affected.

"We're really sorry that some customers are having issues accessing personal online and mobile banking," HSBC UK said on its website.

The bank also confirmed its online banking and mobile app were back up and running after some customers were left locked out during the morning.

According to website DownDetector, more than 7,000 problems were reported at about 8.45am on Friday morning.

The site also shows a spike in reports of outages for high street bank Virgin Money, building society Nationwide and Barclays.

Nationwide customers complained on social media platform X they had not received their wages into their accounts.

The bank said it was "aware there is a delay with some customers receiving their salary or pension payments today".

"These payments are being processed, and will be paid into your account today," it added. "Sorry for any inconvenience this is causing."

Virgin Money said on X "like other banks" it is "working hard to process the backlog of payments delayed as quickly as possible".

The bank had earlier alerted customers to delays to payments in and out of accounts and asked users not to try to make payments again if they had received an error message.

Barclays said it was aware of the issue and the team was "doing everything they can" to get the "faster payment system" back up and running.

The system powers online banking by enabling people to send money between banks digitally, or via phone or in a branch.

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Pay.UK, which operates the system, said on Friday afternoon the technical issue had been fixed and payments were returning to normal.

A Barclays customer said they have "thousands of pounds worth of payments due in" but "no one can pay me".

"Absolutely marvellous at the end of the month and all my bills are due," they added.

Last month, NatWest experienced a four-hour outage affecting its mobile and online banking services.