NBA Draft: 5 electric storylines to watch

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The NBA Draft kicks off Wednesday night in New York, and unlike years' past, there is a lot going on. Teams are working overtime trying to figure out what other teams are doing and what possible trades are on the table, moving up or down the draft board.

The Atlanta Hawks are still considering options at No. 1, even with one of their top targets (Alex Sarr) refusing to come in for a workout and meet with the organization. The ripple effect that will take place with decisions at picks Nos. 1, 3 and 5 will throw the first night of the draft into chaos with uncertainty expected all across the board.

On the second night, Bronny James is expected to be picked by the Lakers at No. 55, but what happens during the first round could lead to some surprises in Round 2. Players projected in the first round could fall to the second round.

Here's a look at five main storylines to watch heading into the NBA Draft on Wednesday and Thursday.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - JUNE 24: (L-R) Alex Sarr and Zaccharie Risacher visit the Empire State Building to celebrate 2024 NBA Draft at The Empire State Building on June 24, 2024 in New York City. (Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images for Empire State Realty Trust)
Alex Sarr and Zaccharie Risacher could be the top two picks in this year's draft. (Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images for Empire State Realty Trust)

There are three players on the board for the Hawks with the No. 1 overall pick: Zaccharie Risacher, Donovan Clingan and Alex Sarr. Risacher is favored to go No. 1 with his upside as a 6-foot-9 wing who can create shots along the perimeter. Clingan is a dark horse for No. 1 but is gaining traction with his long-term potential as a starting NBA center who can protect the rim and become a pick-and-roll threat on offense. Sarr, a 7-foot-1 French center, elected to only work out for the Washington Wizards and favors being more of a 4 instead of the main big man to anchor a defense.

The Hawks aren't against taking Sarr at No. 1 even though he hasn't come in for a workout. But they'll likely take Risacher or Clingan, or entertain trade talks with the Spurs, who hold the No. 4 and No. 8 picks and have future trade assets that could be valuable for the Hawks if they decide to blow up the team and rebuild.

The domino effect that could take place with one trade or one pick inside the lottery could impact the entire first round. The first pick up for grabs is with Atlanta at No. 1, with potential trade talks between the Spurs and Hawks for Risacher. If the Spurs take Risacher and Clingan falls, he could be at play again at No. 5 with Detroit. Portland (No. 7) and Memphis (No. 9) are targeting some help in the frontcourt and would love to add a 7-2 center with elite rim protection to the roster.

Memphis could also be looking to trade back in the draft and out of the lottery for Baylor center Yves Missi. Missi is considered to be a player projected in the mid-first round, and the Heat (No. 15) and Lakers (No. 17) are two teams interested in moving up, sources told Yahoo Sports.

Another team possibly looking to move up in the lottery is Charlotte (No. 6). The Houston Rockets have the No. 3 pick and are taking all conversations with teams willing to move up. The Hornets could possibly be targeting UConn guard Stephon Castle to add to the backcourt with LaMelo Ball and would have to get in front of San Antonio (No. 4) to draft him, with multiple sources around the league projecting Castle to the Spurs at that spot.

The buzz around the Serbian guard has been increasingly quiet since the news of his partially torn ACL. His draft range is anywhere from No. 8 to the Spurs all the way down to No. 22 to the Suns. There are teams that could draft him on potential alone who have the luxury of being patient with his recovery, assuming he returns to full strength and gets back to being the dominant guard scouts fell in love with in the Serbian league.

One of the best passers in this draft, Topić puts pressure on defenses at the rim and has a quick burst off the dribble. Teams like the Spurs, Jazz, Thunder and Heat could take him toward the end of the lottery or mid-first round and, a year from now, have a top-five talent from this draft.

There has never been as much speculation and buzz around a projected second-round prospect in recent memory. Bronny James is the oldest son of LeBron James and the stars seem to be aligning perfectly for them to become the first father-son duo to ever hit the NBA court together.

The consensus around the league is that there was initial interest from Toronto at 31, Minnesota at 37 and Dallas at 58, provided he falls past the Lakers at 55. However, Bronny is far from a finished product and agent Rich Paul said he's only considering teams that will offer a guaranteed deal. Knowing what's on the table, teams are stepping aside for the 6-2 combo guard, leaving the gates open for the Lakers to take him at 55.

The 7-4, 300-pound center was the best player in college basketball for two straight seasons, but many wonder how his game will translate to the NBA. He ranked in the 99th percentile in offensive efficiency, according to Synergy Sports, and is a solid rebounder. The questions start defensively in the pick-and-roll, and also when teams elect to play five-out (a popular lineup that helped the Celtics win the NBA championship). His foot speed needs work and he won't be able to camp inside the lane with defensive three seconds in the NBA.

His draft range keeps creeping up inside the first round, which is a little alarming with his limitations on both ends of the court. Many sources around the league believe he could be drafted as high as 14 to Portland, with his floor being 20 to Cleveland. It will be determined quickly, perhaps as early as NBA Summer League, if Edey can keep up with the pace and spacing of the NBA game, and if his size and frame can withstand the rigors of an 82-game season.