NBA suspends Bucks-Grizzlies preseason game after fire alarm, sprinklers go off

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A preseason game between the Milwaukee Bucks and Memphis Grizzlies came to an ... alarming end on Tuesday.

More specifically, it came to an end because the fire alarm and sprinklers at the Grizzlies' FedExForum went off for no apparent reason at the end of the third quarter. Fans were soon evacuated from the arena while the players adjourned to the locker rooms:

More than an hour later, the NBA announced the game had been officially suspended "in the interest of player safety." 

Per The Athletic, there was no danger within the stadium. Rather, a sprinkler was inadvertently triggered in a "non-public area," and the resulting delay would have made it dangerous for players to return the court after cooling off for so long.

So the players ended up going home. Bucks star Khris Middleton at least made sure some already prepared food wouldn't go to waste:

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