Neighbours star Charlotte Chimes on Nicolette's return: 'Uncomfortable'

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Her character was at the centre of one of Neighbours' wildest storylines, but according to star Charlotte Chimes, the drama surrounding new mum Nicolette Stone is far from over.

Nic was already on shakey ground after fleeing Ramsay Street for Canberra while heavily pregnant with the baby she had agreed to give up to gay couple David Tanaka and Aaron Brennan.

Neighbours actor Charlotte Chimes on set as Nicolette Stone
Neighbours star Charlotte Chimes spills on her character Nicolette Stone's next move. Photo: supplied.

Things only got worse when she later revealed that 'Isla,' the newborn girl she handed over to Paul Robinson in Canberra in exchange for $1 million was not, in fact, her bilogical child.

With the shocking baby switch resolved and the real Isla safely back with her dads, Nic finds herself under intense scrutiny from both men who are concerned about what other secrets she might have up her sleeve.

"Nicolette cannot stand feeling like all eyes are on her," Charlotte, 27, tells Yahoo Lifestyle in an exclusive chat.

"She's a good mother and is sick of feeling like she's walking on eggshells."


Headshot of Neighbours actor Charlotte Chimes wearing a black dress with puffy sleeves
Charlotte says Nicolette is 'walking on eggshells' after the baby drama. Photo: supplied.

'Not running'

Despite finding settling back into Erinsborough tough, Charlotte says Nic sincerely 'wants to make things right' with David and Aaron after breaking their trust on several occasions.

"She wants to come up with a new parenting agreement that works for all three of them. She's not running anytime soon, even if it is uncomfortable."

On the romance front, Charlotte doesn't have high hopes for a reunion between Nic and her ex-girlfriend Chloe Brennan, played by April Rose Pengilly — despite buying a ring to propose with before they split.

"Nicolette could never let herself be fooled by Chloe again. She will always love her but the pain caused she could never forget," she explains.

Neighbours actor Charlotte Chimes in character as Nicolette Stone with her baby Isla
Nicolette (Charlotte Chimes) with baby Isla. Photo: Channel 10.

While Nicolette might be a character that many Neighbours fans love to hate, Charlotte has received an outpouring of love and support from viewers following her recent Best Daytime Star nomination at this year's Inside Soap Awards.

"I’m so grateful for all the ongoing support for Nicolette and my portrayal of her," she says.

"I'm so honoured to represent a person of the LGBTQI+ community and having four LGBTQI+ characters nominated in the category feels extra special to me," she adds.

Charlotte is up against co-stars April Rose, David Tanaka and Aaron Brennan and says there's just a touch of cheeky rivalry between the foursome.

"May the best Neighbour win!" she quips.

Neighbours airs 6.30pm Monday to Thursday on 10 Peach.

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