Neighbours star slammed after baffling Trump tweet

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A former star of hit Aussie soap Neighbours has sparked fury online after she tweeted in support of Donald Trump following the violent riots at the US Capitol carried out by his supporters.

Actor Nicola Charles rose to fame playing Sarah Beaumont on Neighbours in 1995, but in recent years has become better known for her outspoken social media posts.

Nicola Chalres holds Ramsey Street poster
Neighbours star Nicola Charles has come under fire for calling Trump 'the best President in modern history'. Photo: Instagram/nicolacharles66

On Saturday, the 51-year-old took it a step further when she called Donald Trump ‘the best president in modern history' on Twitter, sparking furious backlash online.

“We have watched on from Australia & cannot believe this happened in America,” the British-Australian actor wrote in the Tweet, tagging Trump’s now-banned account. “Big tech should have been dealt with 1st day in office. Appalling control and bias.”

Photo: Instagram/nicolacharles66
Photo: Instagram/nicolacharles66

“You were the best President in modern history & thank you for being the voice of the people. My 2 American kids love you.”

The controversial tweet, which comes after five people died at the violent protest, prompted a wave of outrage not least from fellow Australians who slammed her speaking on their behalf.


“Huh?” Aussie Ben Lawson wrote. “Dude, what Australia you speaking for?”

“You don't represent me, my friends or Australia,” another wrote. “You represent the far right. If you love him so much emigrate and get a job with him. You deserve each other. I feel for your kids.”

Nicola Charles Neighbours
Nicola rose to fame after joining Neighbours in 1995. Photo: Instagram/nicolacharles66

“Omg- what a silly person you are,” another responded. “Open your eyes.”

Though many Trump supporters praised the post as well, Nicola felt compelled to share a follow-up Tweet claiming her views were being suppressed.

“If you don't believe Trump-Derangement-Syndrome is real, please know that I have been called a racist over 1400 times in 12 hrs for wishing the President farewell,” she wrote. “Someone needs to steady America & fast.”

Though she claimed later to have been called ‘racist’ more than 2000 times on the Tweet, the post only attracted 2.1k responses all together, almost none of which used the word ‘racist’ in reference to the star.

Nicola Charles bikini shot neighbours
Nicola played seductress Sarah Beaumont on the popular series, but now has swapped TV for Twitter. Photo: Instagram/nicolacharles66

So far, fellow Neighbours stars who have featured on Nicola’s page have remained tight-lipped on her commentary.

The tumultuous year of plague and elections has seen more than one Aussie TV star come under fire for similarly controversial commentary.

Pete Evans was removed from social media over false claims about coronavirus, and Isabel Lucas disappointed fans when she revealed she had refused a coronavirus test while shooting a movie in Byron Bay, because of her anti-vax stance.

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