Neil Patrick Harris hopes his kids won't be terrible teens

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Neil Patrick Harris hopes he kids won't turn out to be terrible teenagers as he's tried to instil them with "values and humour and agency".
The 'How I Met Your Mother' star is dad to twins Harper and Gideon with his husband David Burtka and he's convinced they're unlikely to turn into sulky teens after they celebrate their 12th birthdays in October because the couple have tried their best to raise them to be thoughtful.
Speaking on E! News' 'Daily Pop' show, he explained: "They are now six graders. They will be 12 years old in October, which will be their golden birthday October 12. They'll be 12 on the twelfth which means they'll want some big-ass party."
When asked if he's worried about them becoming teenagers, he replied: "No, they're great. You spend a lot of time with kids as parents, trying to instil values and humour and agency with them. Now that they're older and they don't like you anymore, you can sort of see how that plays out."
Neil added of the twins: "I really, firmly believe in karma,. I tell my kids a lot, 'You have opportunities to make good or not-so-good choices.
"Hold the door open for someone, not because you want something good to happen to you, but because the person has bags in their hands, and you want to be a nice person'."
Neil previously opened up about his kids in a chat on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’, revealing he was planning to get them a tarantula for Christmas as he needed to up his game after getting them a Golden Retriever puppy named Ella last year.
He said: “Now the kids want a hedgehog, an actual hedgehog because they see the videos on TikTok of hedgehog’s being so cute “Santa’s not about to get them a hedgehog! Maybe a tarantula, that’d be cool. They look scary but once I think if you owned one you would realise that they’re cute just misunderstood.”

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