Nestlé admits to treating bottled mineral water in breach of French regulations

The world's largest food and drinks manufacturer, Nestlé, has admitted to treating bottled water products for contaminants in contravention of French legislation.

The world's top bottled water seller Nestlé Waters has admitted to using illegal "food safety" treatments on its products that infringe French law.

Confirming an initial report from business daily Les Echos, Nestlé said it had passed some waters, such as Perrier and Vittel, through ultraviolet light and active carbon filters "to guarantee food safety".

The food giant said it "lost track of the importance of conforming to regulations" but stressed that all the brands concerned now fulfil French requirements.

The group also reported it alerted the French authorities of the process in 2021.

Ban on disinfectant treatments

However, Nestlé did not immediately make clear when it stopped treating water sold under the Perrier, Vittel, Hepar and Contrex brands.

French law bans any disinfectant treatment of mineral waters, which are supposed to be safe to drink when they emerge from their sources.

Tap water, by contrast, is disinfected before being classed as drinkable.

The French government was informed at the time but did not act on the information until 2021.

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