Neurodivergence: Film educates Bristol schoolchildren

A new film is being made to better understand the experience of neurodivergent children at school.

Murmuration Community Therapy, a parent support group based in Bristol, is making the film in partnership with Bristol City Council.

The film will be screened to schoolchildren in Bristol.

Founder of Murmuration Poppy Villierezz said: "Everything has come together to really inform this film and get the children to speak as the main voice.

"We hear a lot about how neurodivergent children are expected to try and fit into a neurotypical world, and there is support in place to help them do this.

"But there is very little support the other way around for neurotypical children to become more flexible and respectful around other neurotypes."

The council granted funding for the film, which features interviews with neurodivergent people speaking about their experience and how to fit in with the world around them.

Ms Villierezz's son was diagnosed with a rare genetic condition at 18-months old.

She added: "We were told it could result in any type of disability - any and all. He could be non-verbal, he could have learning disabilities, he might not walk, he might have many medical complications.

"I just felt completely thrown off the beaten-track of typical parenting and really alone."

Ms Villierezz said that her experience with her son inspired her to create the Murmuration support group.

Neurodivergence includes a range of conditions including attention deficit disorders, autism, dyslexia and dyspraxia. Around 1 in 7 people, or 15% of people, have some form of neuro-divergence.

Ms Villierezz hopes the film will invite children to work together and consider how to be more welcoming and inclusive of their neurodivergent peers.

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