‘You’re never good enough’: My Mum Your Dad viewers moved to tears after Monique breaks down

My Mum, Your Dad viewers were left emotional after a contestant got candid about her search for love on Tuesday night’s episode (12 September).

The new ITV1 reality programme, hosted by Davina McCall, follows a group of single parents – nominated to take part in the show by their adult children – living in a house together in the hope of forming a romantic connection.

In a secret twist, their children are watching their dating attempts from afar.

In episode two, 50-year-old single mother and therapist Monique burst into tears during a group discussion about their respective love lives.

When the discussion touched upon the topic of marriage and finding lifelong bonds, Monique grew emotional and left the conversation.

“All these people are so lovely, and they’re all on their own, and that’s me,” she later explained to McCall in private. “And then, it’s like, ‘Will you ever get married? Will you ever meet someone?’”

The show then cut to Monique’s daughter, Taiya, who’d witnessed her mother’s emotional moment with the other children in a separate location.

Taiya, who was also emotional, gave some context for her mother’s tears to the group, saying: “She has been cheated on multiple times by previous partners, and I think [the marriage conversation] did trigger something in her.”

Monique then continued by sharing that she’d never experienced real, reciprocal love despite being a “nice person”.

“You’re never good enough to stick around for,” she said through tears. “And my dad said it, he said it before he died: ‘Whatever you do in this lifetime, find love.’”

Monique on My Mum Your Dad is comforted by Davina McCall (ITV)
Monique on My Mum Your Dad is comforted by Davina McCall (ITV)

McCall comforted Monique with a hug and encouraged her not to give up on herself, or the idea of finding the connection she desires.

“You’re a long way away from the end of your life,” she told her. “You’re gonna get there, Monique – you’re gorgeous.”

On social media, viewers chimed in with messages of empathy and encouragement for Monique.

A fan of the programme wrote on Twitter/X: “We forget how being let down over and over can damage your confidence and psyche. Sometimes it just gets overwhelming. It becomes harder to trust someone is genuine and you build walls.”

“Bless her. Emotions don’t get any easier just because we’re older,” added another.

An additional viewer commended Monique’s admission as being “so real”.

Previously, My Mum, Your Dad aired scenes in which contestant Roger spoke about his late wife’s death, which some viewers say left them “heartbroken”.

My Mum, Your Dad continues on weekdays at 9pm on ITV1.