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After so long in lockdown, most of us are desperate to catch up with our friends and talk about the things that really matter - life, home, shopping, health, gossip, travel plans and what's going on in the world.

Luckily, that's exactly what Yahoo Life's brand new podcast, The Life Edit, is all about - so wherever you are, whether it's sitting in your garden wondering how you can cheer it up for summer, or on the way to work in the rain, dreaming of travel and adventure, it's got the (chatty) advice we all need to make life a little better.

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Each episode, Senior Yahoo Lifestyle Editor Flic Everett invites a different Yahoo Style UK expert onto the show, to talk in-depth about what's going on, and reveal all the insider news and gossip.

To kick off, it's Shopping Editor Sabrina Carder in the hot seat, whose job is all about finding out exactly what we want to buy and why. 

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She knows our buying habits, our secret shopping whims, what we need and what we most want - even when we don't realise it.

It's all about gardens at the moment - and she and Flic have some alarming revelations about their own gardening skills, whether it's a city balcony (Sabrina) or a countryside bog (Flic).

We also discover what's hot to liven up your outdoor space in a heatwave, how to choose the best BBQ for you and how to pick outdoor seating. (Tip: Don't fall out of your hammock).

Further episodes will see Flic and Sabrina debating Britain's return to the office - and whether we'll be wearing our comfies (and Crocs!) to meetings, or bringing formal back.

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Other episodes feature fascinating chats with Royal correspondent Rebecca about the key Royals who interest us most.

What's really happening with Harry - and is Meghan much happier now they're far away in LA?

What does William make of it all and is Kate really a perfect parent? 

All of this and more will be discussed in The Life Edit - and upcoming in future episodes, there's in-depth chats about health, brilliant advice on fashion, and debates about property prices, travel, and the secrets of happiness.

Do not miss it - new episodes drop every Thursday, so make a note, and be in the know.

Life edit
Life edit
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