New Vegemite collectible that could be worth thousands

Vegemite lovers can raise a literal toast for the iconic spread’s 100th birthday.

Vegemite is releasing a brand new collectible item to celebrate its 100th birthday today, but you’ll need to get in quick.

The iconic spread is putting out 1,000 mini silver replicas of Vegemite toast to the public tomorrow, which it says are sure to become a popular (and rare) collectible.

And if previous Vegemite collectibles are anything to go by, they could also fetch you thousands of dollars in the resale market.

Vegemite silver toast collectible
Vegemite is turning 100 years old today and, to celebrate, it’s releasing a new collectible item. (Source: Bega)

The one-ounce pieces of toast are made from fine silver and have a bite taken out of them, along with the Vegemite logo.

Vegemite lovers will be able to buy them from 9:00am AEDT on Thursday, October 26 through the Vegemite online store. They are selling for $199.95 each.

$10,000 Vegemite jar

Earlier this year, Vegemite released 1,000 mini replica jars in silver, which sold out within four hours. The limited-edition jars were available in one-ounce ($160) and three-ounce ($320) sizes.

Those lucky enough to snatch up a silver jar were automatically put in the running to win a rare, 18-karat gold-plated version. Only five jars of each size were made available.

One of the rare gold jars recently sold for a staggering $10,000 on eBay, while some of the silver jars sold for $649.99 on eBay (double the original sale price).

Vegemite jar sold on eBay
Vegemite collectibles can fetch you a pretty petty. (Source: eBay)

More Vegemite collectibles

They’re not the only Vegemite collectibles that Aussies have snatched up.

In May, Woolworths and the Royal Australian Mint released a limited-edition range of $2 coins. Three coins were available - one featured a jar of Vegemite, another featured a slice of Vegemite toast, and the third had a child eating Vegemite toast.

The Mint also released a $1 coin featuring a slice of Vegemite toast with a bite taken out of it as part of its 2023 Year Set.

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