Newlyweds discover creepy wedding crasher in photos

Sabrina Rojas Weiss

At any outdoor event, one expects a little bit of interference from nature - weather, a fly or two, maybe some birds chirping.

Caleb and Casey Light had an unusual visitor show up at their wedding in Missouri, just in time to photobomb their first look.

But rather than a cheeky relative or random stranger jumping into their photoshoot, the couple were creeped out when a large praying mantis crawled up Caleb’s back as photographer Ashley Wills snapped away.

Caleb and Casey had a very unwanted guest crash their wedding photos. Photo: Ashley Wills Photography

“When Casey saw the praying mantis on my shoulder, she flipped out,” Caleb tells Yahoo Lifestyle.

“It climbed high enough up to where she could see it. She said, ‘I love you, but I don’t love you that much,’ and pushed me away... I kind of went hysterical at that point and said, ‘Get it off! Get it off me!'”

Caleb readily admits to being “terrified” of insects. Luckily, Wills’s husband was on hand to remove the wedding crasher without harming it. But this was all after it had already stolen a starring role in their photo session.

When Wills began editing photos from the October 14 wedding, she realised the mantis was in every single one of the Lights’ first-look pictures. She told them she would edit it out, but they’ve decided they also want some photos to include the creature.

Considering the female praying mantis is famous for eating her mate, it’s a good thing the Lights aren’t really superstitious. Caleb already had a bit of a history with the species.

Look closely and you'll see the creepy crawly. Photo: Ashley Wills Photography

“My very good friends, several times in the past, have tested my actual fear of bugs,” he says. “They threw [a praying mantis] in my car when I was in a parking lot test-driving a car. They threw it in there, and I jumped out, and the car took off.”

The Lights had another uninvited guest at their wedding, which took place on Casey’s parents’ property. As Caleb began to say his vows, a snake started making its way toward his foot.

“Apparently, I was so busy - and so was my fiancée - we never even saw it,” he said. “One of our camera guys came over and grabbed it, and threw it into the weeds. I did not even notice what was going on.”

The rest of the wedding went on without further incursions from nature. Their honeymoon in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, however, featured one more, with Caleb revealing he got stung by a jellyfish.

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