Neighbour's note after woman's X-rated night: 'Close the window'

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An anonymous neighbour has left a rather pointed note for a fellow resident after overhearing their X-rated exploits one evening. 

The short typed letter, which was taped inside the apartment building's lift, is addressed to an unnamed woman who has 'extremely loud orgasms'.

A photo of a typed note from a neighbour addressed to a fellow resident who has 'extremely loud orgasms'
The neighbour's note was addressed to a fellow resident who has 'extremely loud orgasms'. Photo: supplied.

'Very happy for you'

The neighbour politely but firmly requests the woman 'close the window' in future to prevent the sexy sounds from disturbing others.

"To the woman who has extremely loud orgasms," the note began.

"Whilst we are very happy for you, could you please close your window and maybe consider your neighbours," it stated.

A photo of the note was shared with Yahoo Lifestyle by another resident, who captioned the snap, "Good morning apartment living" with several laughing emojis.

"At least someone is getting laid and enjoying their time," they told us.


head shot close up of funny surprised girl covering half of face with white blanket
A woman has been asked to 'close her window' following an X-rated evening. Photo: Getty Images.


The note comes after another similar situation involving a young man, nocturnal noises and his annoyed neighbours.

Stephen Cunningham, from Glasgow, took to Twitter to share a snap of the lengthy handwritten letter that was slipped under his door one morning.

"Not me waking up to a 'have sex quieter' note from my neighbours. Mortified," he captioned the pic.

"Dear neighbour. Just a friendly note from your neighbour to remind you the walls in these buildings are thin and sound can travel," the note began.

A photo of a handwritten note from a neighbour addressed to a fellow resident who has loud sex
A man was 'mortified' by a neighbour's note requesting he 'have sex quieter'. Photo: Twitter/STRCunningham.

'Keep the noise down'

It went on to alert Stephen that his fellow residents are able to "hear more than we should" and say that they "don't want to be sharing your intimate and private moments".

"Therefore we politely ask if you could please keep the noise down at night. Please be mindful that you have neighbours in a building where sound travels. Thanks for understanding," the note concluded.

"I was rolling on the floor laughing while reading it, I was mortified," Stephen, 26, told the Daily Record.

He added that he doesn't know which neighbour sent the note and he's not keen to find out.

Over on Twitter, reactions to Stephen's note came thick and fast.

"I'd have that framed as a badge of honour," one follower suggested.

"Post a pair of earplugs through their door and get on with your life," added another.

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