Phil Mickelson defies physics with ridiculous trick shot

Would you stand directly in front of Phil Mickelson as he tries to hit a ball over your head from point-bank range?

Most of us would say, ‘No way that’s crazy!’

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But European Tour player Gary Evans clearly isn’t most of us.

Evans took his life into his own hands at the British Open on Wednesday for a crazy Mickelson trick shot.

Why would you? Image: Callaway Golf

As you can see above, Mickelson somehow manages to pull off a ridiculous flop shot over Evans’ head from a mere metre away.

The skill required to get the ball high enough to go over the guy’s head from such close range goes without saying, but it’s clearly no problem for Phil.

Evans flinched slightly as the ball looped over his head, but he remained remarkably calm in the face of the shot.

Probably best not to try that at home.