Newscaster Hilariously Mistakes What This Harvey Rescue Team Is Drinking

Elyse Wanshel

This will lift your spirits.

While covering the devastating effects of Hurricane Harvey this week, Fox 26 Houston caught a rescue boat in Spring, Texas, taking a load off by passing around a bottle.

The blue container in question looks an awful lot like a Skyy Vodka bottle, and the men are clearly taking shots of whatever liquid is in it.

At the time of the live broadcast, a female newscaster who was watching the footage didn’t seem to connect the dots, making for a delightfully funny moment.

“Look at them sharing water just out of the cap of that bottle,” she said, as the men poured and took shots. “It’s fantastic.”

“Yeah … yeah, I’m not sure that that was water,” a male newscaster replied, with someone else laughing in the background.

Hey, whatever the men were drinking in the video, which Fox 4 News in Dallas/Fort Worth says is not water, they probably earned it.

  • This article originally appeared on HuffPost.