Newsmax Host Compares Donald Trump To Emmett Till

Newsmax host Greg Kelly unfathomably drew parallels between the jury that convicted Donald Trump in his hush money case and the jury that acquitted the suspects in the murder of Emmett Till. (Watch the video below.)

Till was a Black teen who was kidnapped, beaten and shot in 1955 by white men after he allegedly flirted with a white store owner in Mississippi. But in a historic example of injustice, an all-white jury acquitted them. The two men later confessed to the crime in a magazine article.

On his show Monday, Kelly criticized jurors for lying low following Trump’s conviction of falsifying business records to conceal payments made days before the 2016 election to silence a porn star who alleged they’d had extramarital sex. The host then dismissed the notion that the former president had been found guilty by a “jury of his peers.”

“I’ve heard this excuse before,” Kelly said. “Emmett Till, young man, beaten to death all the way back in the 1950s. What did he do? He said hello to a white woman, something like that. And an all-white mob beat him to death, and three people, I believe, were arrested. And the jury said, ‘We don’t see no problem here,’ and let him go, right? A jury of the accusers’ peers found nothing to see here. So jury, I’m told, gets it wrong sometimes. Seems to be a lot of people who think that a lot of murderers were let free that day. All right, so we’ve seen this before.”

Kelly tends to make jaw-dropping comments. In another report recently, the right-wing anchor compared reactions to Trump deriding his perceived opponents as “human scum” to Barack Obama using the N-word to discuss racism.

“What about when Obama said the N-word? ... For some people that would be unforgivable, but Obama is just cool, right?” Kelly griped.

Obama, who is Black, had bluntly mentioned the word in 2015 to illustrate that racism was still prevalent, even though the slur is now generally considered to be unacceptable.

h/t Media Matters