Newsmax Host Goes Religiously Off The Rails In Taylor Swift Takedown

Newsmax host Greg Kelly said Monday that the passion of Taylor Swift’s fans constitutes idolatry and is, therefore, a sin. (Watch the video below.)

Kelly went off in a segment on the singer-songwriter following her well-chronicled attendance at the Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl-clinching victory over the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday. Swift’s boyfriend, Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, had a huge game, and they celebrated with a big kiss.

But Kelly was more interested in attacking Swift’s fans in a hot take of warped theology.

“They are totally over the top worshipping this woman,” he said. “Have you seen any of the pictures of her in concert? I wouldn’t go myself. I don’t do that kind of thing anymore. But I think what they call it is, they’re elevating her to an idol. Idolatry. This is a little bit what idolatry, I think, looks like. And you’re not supposed to do that. In fact, if you look it up in the Bible, it’s a sin! So, I don’t like that.”

Kelly said he was “over this new boyfriend,” and called their relationship a “publicity stunt.”

He then expressed fear that President Joe Biden’s reelection campaign will reap the benefits of Swift’s popularity.

“She is going to use all of this popularity, potentially, against MAGA and for Democrats,” Kelly said. “She’s got a record of this stuff, a track record.” He showed an image of Swift endorsing Biden in 2020 to make his point.

Kelly seemed to refer to a debunked far-right theory that Swift was to be recruited as a Pentagon asset. “So is Swift a front for a covert political agenda?” Fox News host Jesse Watters asked earlier this month, as the notion made the rounds. ”‘Primetime’ obviously has no evidence ... But we’re curious.”

Not to be outdone, Kelly brought Kelce into the conspiracy, predicting that he and Swift will come out with a Biden endorsement “at the moment of truth.” Former GOP presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy has hinted at the wacky theory as well.

Kelly couldn’t help but fan flames of suspicion around Swift.

“What do we know about her for real?” he said, of the musician with perhaps the most well-documented personal and professional life of the 21st century.