Newspaper headlines: 'Sack her now' and 'dignity and dishonour'

“Look what you’ve done”, reads the Sunday People.
“Sack her now”, reads the Sunday Mirror.
The Sunday Mirror takes a similar line alongside the same picture of Mrs Braverman. "Sack her now", the paper urges Rishi Sunak in its headline, as it reports on "pressure mounting" on the prime minister to get rid of his home secretary following "shameful" scenes in the capital
“Dignity and dishonour”, reads the Sunday Express.
The Sunday Express reflects on the "dignity and dishonour" it says was on display on Saturday. Its front page report and pictures contrasts the "extremists from the left and right march[ing] for hate", with Remembrance services around the country
“Gove jostled and abused by pro-Palestine hate mob”, reads The Mail On Sunday.
The Mail on Sunday reports on the treatment of levelling up secretary Michael Gove by demonstrators near London Victoria station. The paper's headline reads: "Gove jostled and abused by pro-Palestine hate mob" as it reports on "extremists from all sides tarnish[ing] Armistice Day"
“Calls grow for Israel to hold fire in Gaza as marchers throng London”, reads The Observer.
“Despicable”, reads the Sun on Sunday.
“Sunak: Far-right thugs and Hamas sympathisers disrespect our heroes”, reads the Sunday Telegraph.
“Hate, intolerance and arrests as thugs hijack Armistice Day”, reads the Sunday Times.
The Sunday Times also leads on clashes during Armistice Day, reporting that "antisemitic chants" were heard. Its front page also features a story on Southend becoming England's "NHS waiting list hotspot" and says almost one-in-five residents in the Essex city are awaiting treatment
“Our gimp terror”, reads the Daily Star Sunday.
The Daily Star Sunday leads on a different story - women in Somerset fearing that a man who has been targeting them in a gimp suit is still on the loose. "Our gimp terror", its headline reads, alongside a picture of a "latex lunatic". An image of "march madness" also features

The protests on Armistice Day dominate the front pages, with pictures of police being confronted by far-right demonstrators near the Cenotaph, as well as the separate pro-Palestinian march in central London.

"Dignity and dishonour," is the Sunday Express headline. "As the nation remembers our war dead, extremists from the left and right march for hate," the paper writes. It goes on to say that the two "short" minutes of silence, "in honour of our fallen war heroes", was "a brief respite in a day which saw trouble flare, even before the bugler had signalled the start of the sombre tribute".

The Sun On Sunday lambasts what it calls the "despicable" behaviour of "vile" marchers wearing Hamas-style headbands and the "disgrace" of the violence by "English Defence League yobs" in Whitehall. "Remembrance weekend shame," is how the paper describes clashes, which saw 126 arrests and nine police officers hurt.

The Mail On Sunday says there were "terrifying scenes as extremists from all sides" that tarnished Armistice Day. It also shows a photo of Michael Gove being protected by police, after the paper says the levelling up secretary was "jostled and abused by baying pro-Palestinian protesters" at London Victoria railway station, on his way home.

"Hate, intolerance and arrests as thugs hijack Armistice Day," is how The Sunday Times sums up what took place on Saturday. The paper reports that the prime minister will meet the Metropolitan Police Commissioner again in the "coming days", after demanding that all criminality during the protests be met with "the full and swift force of the law". It reports that prime minister Rishi Sunak, who condemned the violence, also repeated his "threat" to Sir Mark Rowley - to hold him to account for his decision to approve the pro-Palestinian demonstration on Armistice Day.

The Sunday Telegraph leads with the prime minister's condemnation of what it calls the "disrespect of our heroes" by "far right thugs and Hamas sympathisers".

However, in a comment piece in the paper, Labour leader, Sir Keir Starmer, is critical of statements by both Rishi Sunak and the home secretary, Suella Braverman, in the run-up to this weekend. Ms Braverman - who has been accused of stoking tensions - has set "her face against the very values that Britain has fought for", says the Labour leader.

He insists that protesters inciting violence should be dealt with firmly by the law. But, Sir Keir says that "blanket calls" - for those "speaking up peacefully" for the people of Gaza - to be cancelled, or silenced - or to describe what they are doing in the language of "hate" - "are wrong".

Counter-protesters clash with police in Parliament Square in central London, during a pro-Palestinian protest march.
Counter-protesters in a confrontation with police in central London

The Sunday People also scolds Ms Braverman with the headline: "look what you've done", alongside a picture of the home secretary. The Sunday Mirror takes a similar line alongside the same picture of Mrs Braverman. "Sack her now", the paper urges Mr Sunak, as it reports on "pressure mounting" on the prime minister to get rid of his home secretary following what it describes as "shameful" scenes in the capital.

The Observer says calls are growing for Israel to "hold fire in Gaza", as marchers from across the UK thronged London on Saturday, to protest against the continued bombardment. The paper suggests the attendance of hundreds of thousands of people, at the pro-Palestinian rally, will "add to political pressure" on both the prime minister and the Labour leader to back calls for a ceasefire in the conflict.

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