What are the next steps now France finds itself with a hung parliament?

France is without a permanent government after snap elections resulted in a hung parliament. The country looks set for tricky negotiations over which parties should form a government and who could lead it – but the constitution sets strict deadlines for when key positions must be filled.

The final round of legislative elections on Sunday made the left-wing New Popular Front the largest bloc in parliament, followed by the centrist Ensemble alliance in second place and the far-right National Rally party in third.

The left is short of a majority by over 100 seats, however, and lacks an obvious leader who could secure the backing of rival groups to rule by coalition.

President Emmanuel Macron will remain in post as head of state, a position that is elected separately from the parliament.

Prime Minister Gabriel Attal, who belongs to Macron's party, offered his resignation but has been asked to stay on in a caretaker capacity.

The rest of the cabinet will also remain in place temporarily to handle day-to-day matters, though policy decisions are for now on ice.

France keeps PM on as caretaker as wrangling over new government begins

Next steps

After the full count is finalised, the members of the National Assembly – France's lower house of parliament – will be sworn in.

The various groups will also submit their lists of candidates for parliamentary roles.

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