NFL betting: What happens to Saints-Packers bets if the game is moved from New Orleans?

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The Week 1 NFL lines have been up for months. And one of the marquee games is the Green Bay Packers at New Orleans Saints. 

Removing "at" from that game could cause a lot of bets to be refunded at BetMGM

A report Tuesday said the Saints won't be in New Orleans for September due to Hurricane Ida. No announcement has been made that the game will be moved, or where it might be played, but if it doesn't take place in New Orleans then any bettor who wagered on Saints-Packers early at BetMGM will have to bet it again. 

Saints' Week 1 game could have to move

BetMGM's house rules address what happens if there is a change in venue for a football game: 

"Football games and any games/events not specifically listed must be held within one week of the originally scheduled date and location to be considered action unless otherwise noted in the specific sports rules section or the inventory game page within the mobile application or web browser application."

In plain English, if the game is moved, bets are refunded.  

There has been a ton of movement in the spread. It opened as Saints -2 at BetMGM in May. It moved all the way to Packers -3. The over/under has stayed at 50.5. 

The line moved because in May at BetMGM, the Packers didn't know if Aaron Rodgers would be playing for them. When he reported to camp, and the Saints were dealing with a quarterback controversy, the line moved 5 points. 

Anyone who locked in the Packers at a good price is probably not going to be happy. 

The Saints might not play at the Superdome in September. (AP Photo/Tyler Kaufman)
The Saints might not play at the Superdome in September. (AP Photo/Tyler Kaufman)

Where will Saints-Packers be played? 

The Saints-Packers game is off the board at BetMGM as the venue gets figured out. 

One reason the Packers were only laying a field goal is because the Saints have a great home-field advantage at the Superdome. It's hard to bet against them there, even if it's Jameis Winston at quarterback and not Drew Brees. In a neutral site, like perhaps Dallas, the Packers would be a bigger favorite. 

We'll wait on the news for the Saints' home opener (they have only one home game scheduled in September). What happens next affects the betting world too. 

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