Taysom Hill breaks 7 tackles, carries half the Giants defense into end zone during spectacular run

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When you hear that a touchdown was scored on an eight-yard run, you probably don't think it's going to be an exciting play, right? But one eight-yard touchdown run on Sunday was absolutely spectacular, and it proved something important: Taysom Hill, New Orleans Saints quarterback, is a strong, strong man. 

How strong is he? He needed eight yards to get a touchdown against the New York Giants. Between him and the end zone was the entire Giants defense. One man, holding one ball, against a wall of enormous men. 

No problem.

Hill catches the shotgun snap, then essentially disappears into an absolute pile of enormous, hungry Giants defenders. Then he somehow reappears from the pile in one piece, ball still in hand, and keeps on running toward the end zone. But it's still not over! He's tackled two more times and has to spin out of the grip of another Giants player before finally crossing into the end zone. 

In all, Hill broke seven tackles during that powerful, teeth-gritting run. It put the Saints up 14-7. Who knew an eight-yard run could be so exciting?

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