Niall Horan accuses Lewis Capaldi of lying about doing his own washing

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Niall Horan has accused Lewis Capaldi of lying about doing his own washing.
The former One Direction star has called out his pal over scenes in his Netflix documentary 'How I’m Feeling Now' in which the singer claims to sort out his own laundry - with Niall insisting Lewis was putting on a show for the cameras because he actually gets his mum to wash his dirty clothes for him.
Speaking during an appearance on BBC Radio 2, Niall said: "He doesn’t do his own washing. I spoke to his mother the other night. He’s a liar!
"He maybe did it for the cameras ... I swear to God, Carol [Lewis’ mother], I said to his mother the other day: 'Does Lewis pop around to the house or are you in his flat in Glasgow often?’ She goes: ‘Yeah, when he hands me the washing'."
Radio host Scott Mills suggested Lewis might take care of washing his own underpants, and Niall replied: "He probably has to do his own smalls ‘cause I wouldn’t hand his smalls to anyone else ... smalls that not even a mother would love!"
During the interview, golf fanatic Niall went on to reveal has managed to tempt Lewis into taking up the sport and even even bought him a set of clubs.
He explained: "He [Lewis] said to me, I’ll never play golf, it’s an old man’s sport and it’s the worst sport ever. And then about eight weeks later he was asking me where he could get a set of golf clubs so I got him a set ... and I went to his gig a few weeks ago and I brought them with me and now every day he posts golf videos. He’s actually posting more about golf than I do and that’s saying something."