Niall Horan praises One Direction

Niall Horan says he and Harry Styles never struggled in One Direction

While Zayn Malik - who quit 1D in 2014 - and Liam Payne have previously spoken about finding life in the band tough, Niall insisted he and Harry are similar "happy, bubbly characters", who loved every minute of their time in the boyband.

Niall told RTÉ Entertainment: "Some people handle things differently. Me and Harry had a great time in the band but I've heard some of the boys saying they've struggled with it mentally but that's life. I've always been a happy go lucky type person.

"The phrase `happy to be anywhere' is me. Harry's the same, bubbly character."

Niall is still close to Harry and bandmate Louis Tomlinson but admitted he doesn't see as much of Liam as he used to because their schedules often clash.

He said: "Me and Harry have a similar taste in music, and similar mates. We live down the street from each other in London and LA and we went to an Eagles gig in London last Summer.

"Louis I'd see quite a bit when he's in LA and London. Liam the same, back and forth but because of schedules, we don't see each other as much as we'd like and that's something we need to talk about too."

Niall - who will release his second solo album 'Heartbreak Weather' in March - also insisted he has grown up a lot since his time in 1D and he now has more confidence.

He said: "I was 19 in One Direction. You're sheepish as it is at that age and the gap between then and now is six or seven years. You're different person. Along the way I've matured. Sort of."