Niall Horan: Touring with One Direction was like a school trip

Niall Horan thinks touring with One Direction was like going on a "school trip".

The 26-year-old singer - who joined the chart-topping boyband back in 2010, after starring on 'The X Factor' - acknowledges there are negative aspects to fame, but Niall still loved his time with the group and their adventures on the road.

Niall - who starred in the band alongside Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, and Harry Styles - shared: "It just depends how your brain is able to work it out, versus someone else's. I know the boys have said they've struggled with different bits and pieces, but they also had a really good time.

"When you're doing an interview and you get asked about something like that, you might have walked past it and then you see it has a headline that reads, 'He really struggled with being in the band. He hated it,' but actually we had a brilliant time, it's just some parts of it are suited more to some than others."

The band - who are currently on an indefinite hiatus - embarked on their first arena tour of the US back in 2013, and Niall admits to having had an "unbelievable" time on the road.

The pop star likened their experience on the tour to a school trip, saying it was "a good laugh".

Niall - who is set to release his second solo album, 'Heartbreak Weather', later this week - told GQ magazine: "The craic we had was unbelievable. Because we were so young, it was literally like being on a school trip, but we'd go on stage in the evening. It was such a good laugh."

Zayn, 27, chose to quit the group in March 2015, and Harry recently claimed he wasn't aware that his former bandmate was unhappy during his time in the group.

Harry said: "It felt like everyone was kind of enjoying it. I'd say a big part of it [Zayn leaving] was us kind of being like, 'Wow.' You didn't realise he wasn't enjoying it that much."